It's Pawty Time!

Of course the best way to celebrate your pup's special day is just to spend time with them - but let’s be honest, most of us love to treat our dogs to something special to celebrate their big day! If you’re looking for other ways to make their day special check out some of our suggestions below!

Visit their favourite spot

Does your four legged friend have a favourite spot they like to visit? Maybe they love long hikes. Wherever their favourite place is, that’s a great place to spend time on their special day.

One of Dexter's very favourite places is the beautiful Isle of Arran, particularly the lovely pools at Glen Rosa. Dexter loved our recent glamping adventure at the fabulous Balmichael, where he spent lots of time exploring and making friends with the resident alpacas!

Give them something special

Your four legged friend deserves to be spoiled - so why not treat them to our best selling Big Birthday Box? Each box is filled with 4 bags of delicious hand baked treats, 2 giant bones, and a birthday card.

Or why not give the gift that keeps on giving and treat your pooch to one of our subscription boxes - a monthly delivery of your dogs favourite flavour, and a free big bone delivered on

their birthday.

Visit somewhere new

Fed up of the same scenery? During lockdown we had the chance to explore loads of new places that we never knew existed - even though they were right on our doorstep. This by Gillian's Walks which had lots of new smells and some brilliant picnic spots! Why not explore a new area together. It’s no secret that dogs love sniffing and taking in new smells. We’re sure they’ll love celebrating their special day taking in all the sights and smells of a new exciting place.

Join in with their favourite activity

With Dexter it’s all or nothing - he’s either going wild for a toy or snuggled up on the couch.

So whether it’s fetch, chasing them around the back garden or snuggling up together, today is a day to indulge your dog's favourite pastimes.

Throw a Pawty!

If you really want to go all out with your celebration, is there a better way than sharing it with friends and family? Invite all your dog’s best furrriends together for a big party to celebrate their day. The more two-legged and four-legged friends the better!

Dexter loved catching up with his brother and sister to celebrate together! They are all so similar we are pretty sure we came home with the right one - can you tell which one he is?

And why not thank everyone for coming with some personalised bones from Ayrshire Dog Deli.

However you choose to celebrate, Ayrshire Dog Deli can help you make it a day to remember!

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